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Greetings Traveler from Afar,

You have reached the official home page of The Beast Within - A Spiritual Web Ring. This web ring is dedicated to honor animal spirit guardians and shapeshifters. Our guardians have many names, such as animal familiars, spirit helpers, spirit guardians, totem animals, or power animals. The name isn't really that important. They are our protectors, guardians, teachers, mentors, and friends. They help us overcome difficult tasks in our daily lives, and help us grow spiritually. All we have to do is invite them into our lives, and ask for their help. Are you aware of your guardian?

Do you believe in the possibility of shapeshifting? Are you a shapeshifter? The ability to shapeshift is innate to all of us, all we have to do is rediscover this long forgotten art of personal and global change. The only true change is a shapeshift, everything less will simply fail. Every single one of us shapeshifts in one form or another, sometimes without even realizing it. We are many, and we are all around you. :)

TBWWR is dedicated to bring people from all walks of life, from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, with different philosophies, outlooks on life, and belief-systems together to share their views, dreams, experiences, poetry, art, and knowledge with one another. The Spirit World doesn't have such limits or prejudices, and why should we even be concerned about them? After all, are we not the same? Aren't we connected to each other, no matter who we are or what our appearance happens to be? Energy is everything, everything is energy. The emphasis lies within our spirtuality, with the Spirit of the animal, our Guardian and Protector, the Beast Within. The more we learn from our teachers the stronger we grow spiritually, and the happier and more fulfilled we are.

If you have a web page that is dedicated to animal spirit guardians and/or shamanic shapeshifting, I extend to you my warmest invitation to join our little community. :)

May the Creator smile upon you always,
RingMistress 1998 - 2003

P.S. I'm talking to all you lycanthropes and therianthropes out there too, you are definitely doing your fair share in participating in the change this society so desperately needs. :)


There are a minimum set of standards that your site must meet to be approved for membership of the ring:

  1. Pages must have some relevant content on the ring topic, not just links to other sites.
  2. Pages can't contain adult material, pornographic material, or profanity. Even though this ring is 'rated R', it should remain suitable for older children and families. The ring is 'rated R', as some people might find the content offensive to their beliefs.
  3. No Horror/Fantasy/Role Playing pages, this ring is all about spirituality and inner truth.
  4. No pages promoting or condoning hate or discrimination on the grounds of gender, politics, race, religion, sexual orientation or species.
  5. Poetry, art, general information about a particular animal is encouraged, but not necessary. :)
  6. Visitors to your site must be able to leave via the Webring NavBar. If this is not accessible from within the site, it needs to be moved.

Ring Rules

Once you're in, here are three rules to keep membership in the ring. This may sound a bit harsh, but I've implemented these to make the ring a fun and interesting exprience for all. After all, would you rather surf around a well-maintained ring with good sites or one that is plagued with dead links and sites that haven't been updated in years? A great ring brings more traffic to all of us.

  1. You may use the SSNB (JavaScript) or the HTML versions of the ring code. For pages that are hosted on servers that do not allow the use of Javascript, you can still join by linking directly to your stack page on the webring.com server from your registered page.
  2. You must display the ring code on your registered page. PASS_L will be treated as FAIL in this ring. Please make sure you submit the page you are planning on placing the ring's code on. If you have a rings page, you will have to join with it, rather than your main page, otherwise your site will FAIL the checker and will not be added to the ring.
  3. You must keep your WebRing account and site info up-to-date. If I try to contact you and the email bounces, your site will be suspended. If I am unable to make any contact within 30 days, your site will be deleted from the ring.

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What Happens Next?

After submitting your site to the ring, here is what's going to happen:

  1. The manager will review your page and check for proper placement of the code. If it's not yet on your page, your page, if qualified, will be approved by using conditional approval. This means your site will be added as suspended and remain as such, until it PASSes the checker. If you do not add the code to your page within 30 days, your site submission will expire for inactivity and you will have to rejoin the ring if you are still interested.
  2. You will be notified by email, normally within 24 hours, whether your page has been added to the ring or not. The manager reserves the right to deny membership to anyone whose page does not meet the minimum requirements, call it QA (Quality Assurance), if you will. :)
  3. If your page has not been added to the ring, the manager will email you with an explanation as to the reasons. That way, if you still want to join, you have a chance to correct the problem.

Need Help?

For help with WebRing related issues, check out the WebRing Users Guide, which was created and is maintained by Andrea. This site is definitely recommended reading and an invaluable resource, especially for new members/managers who aren't familiar with the WebRing system yet.

If you are having problems with your ring code or have a question, just want to comment on something, or voice your concerns, please do contact me by filling out this contact form (all fields are required). Make sure you provide as many details as possible, otherwise I may not be able to help you in a most effective manner and a resolution may be delayed due to insufficient information. I'll be more than happy to assist you in any way I possibly can.

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